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Heat Laminator

Need new heat laminator for my office. I have a heat laminator in my office, this machine main function in my office is to laminate sample photos.
Photos from photographers printed using photo printer and laminated with heat laminator with glossy pouch or matte pouch to give the photos more life.

So, after I call heat laminator services center. They send us a mechanic, to solve our problem. But after a few minutes check up, heater of my laminating machine is broken, and must replace with new one.
But bigger problem occured after that, after he is comeback from service center to buy heater for my heat laminator. Super bad news, there is no spare part for this type. I must buy a new one.

I don't believe about what he said, so I start searching spare parts at internet. I browsing every online store that have laminating machine for sale. Also give them email. Ebay, Amazon and other stores.
But, what the mechanic said is true. Until now, I never get that. Because there is no spare part from factory manufacturer.
For a cheap laminating reason, I search the second hand laminating machine. Unfortunately I never find second hand that same type with mine.
Today, there is an exhibition on centre town. I will be there, searching for my brand new heat laminator. And I think I will more careful about this, I don't want to purchase heat laminator that can't be repair, because no spare parts.

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